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POP UP helps for emsCharts Page 9

Kirk Schmitt 22-Jan-2009

To use these helps, move your mouse over a box or a symbol like the magnifying glass. A window with an explanation should pop up. If you see something that needs explaining, but there is no pop up window, contact Kirk Schmitt.

The "View" button will only appear if you have uploaded a patient refusal from emsCharts Mobile. Click on "View" to see the refusal form.

Attached files is for scanned or other electronic files added to the chart. This is explained in more detail in the picture below.

Enter your electronic signature. Charts should be completed sufficiently that they can be signed within 24 hours of the call.

You do NOT need to use your real social security number. Any 9 digit number will work. Of course, you must enter that number in the Security Settings portion of emsCharts first.

Please check to make sure there are at least two different signatures on the chart before you click "Complete/Lock Chart." Also make sure that you sign the chart after your last change.

Prints very spiffy versions of the chart complete with PFAS logo.

Please remember that patient care charts are confidential.

You must click this button within 48 hours of the end of the call. This advances the chart to PFAS quality assuance for checking.

A number of screens will appear. There may be also be error messages. If you have trouble, see the emsCharts help on "Why won't my chart advance?"

Shows the QA level. You enter at S0. The PFAS QA supervisors are at S1. Our medical control director is S9 or R9.

Changes made to the chart after the chart is completed or additions that relate to the call but are not covered by special reports.

The image below has pop ups for the Attached Files button.

List of the files already attached. Click on the file name to view the contents of the file.

Files may be TIF, JPG, or PDF. It takes less space generally if you scan in black and white instead of color. Do you need color?

Change the category of attachment. Click update after you make the change. See the help on "Category" lower on this page.

Enter a complete path and file name, like

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\rma.tif

or use the Browse button for a graphical method. How to find a file on your computer is beyond the scope of this help.


Pull down list contains:

Medical Necessity - Do not use. For paid ambulances. See Wikipedia "Medical Necessity."

Patient Demographics - Face pages, long prescription lists, printed medical history, etc.

Refusal - Release forms.

SAED Report - Attach if you used the AED, see separate help in SOP, Skills, Procedures on "AED - what to do after the call."

After file is selected, re-named (optional) and categorized, click "upload."