Takes or verbalizes body substance isolation

Voices opening the airway

Voices inserting an airway adjunct

Selects appropriate size mask

Creates a proper mask-to-face seal

Ventilates patient at no less than 800 mL volume

(The examiner must witness for at least 30 seconds)

Connects reservoir and oxygen

Adjust liter flow to 15 liters/minute or greater

The examiner notes arrival of second EMT. The second EMT is instructed to ventilate the patient while the candidate controls the mask and the airway

Voices re-opening the airway

Creates a proper mask-to-face seal

Instructs assistant to resume ventilation at proper volume per breath





            Did not take or verbalize body substance isolation technique

            Did not immediately ventilate the patient

            Interrupted ventilations for more than 20 seconds

            Did not provide high concentration of oxygen

            Did not provide or direct assistant to provide proper volume/breath

            (more than 2 ventilations per minute are below 800 mL)

            Did not allow adequate exhalation.