emsCharts Help Files and Rules

Recent (May, 2013) changes made for NEMSIS compliance

emsCharts first time user

Using abbreviations in emsCharts

ERRORS. Why won't my chart advance?

ERRORS. emsCharts won't let me sign a chart. It says my EMT or CPR is expired.

Spell Checking in emsCharts

Rules for entering charts in emsCharts

How to deal with charts flagged for quality assurance

QA officers and Software Administrators

Deron Williams presentation on how to write good charts, how to use emsCharts internet and how to use emsCharts Mobile. From the Drill on 13-Jan-2009

emsCharts pop-up helps

Interesting information about dispatch categories and dispatch protocols

Describes what dispatcher findings go into determining a dispatch nature

The step-by-step questions asked by dispatchers prior to dispatch