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ERRORS. emsCharts won't let me sign a chart. It says my EMT or CPR is expired

Kirk Schmitt

You know that only EMTs are allowed to sign patient charts and you know your EMT and CPR are valid. So what is going on when emsCharts says your EMT or CPR has expired? The problem is that your EMT or CPR DID expire, but you didn't tell emsCharts you renewed it.

It is your obligation to keep your certifications and personal information up to date in emsCharts. This applies to your EMT and CPR certification. It is also important that you keep your phone number and email address current because these are what Medical Control will use to contact you if there is a question about a chart or if you need to be notified of exposure to hazardous materials or pathogens. Just because a Squad officer has a current phone number or email address doesn't mean our medical director does.

To fix the EMT (or CPR certification) problem:

Screen for updating certifications