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emsCharts First Time User

Kirk Schmitt


emsCharts is the internet based software PFAS uses to enter run sheets.

emsCharts may be accessed from any computer, but is only guaranteed to work properly on the computers used on the ambulances. emsCharts is accessed via your internet browser and is, unfortunately, very picky about what operating system and browsers it will work on. It is only fully functional on Windows XP with Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) and 8 (IE8) as the browser. Internet Explorer 5 and 6, Opera, Mosaic, and the AOL browser do not work. The Macintosh Safari browser and Firefox PC browser work well, but not perfectly (clicking on the patient name on page 1, for example, will hang on both browsers, but clicking on "next," will). To use emsCharts with VISTA, you will need to make a few more changes. I have no information about Windows systems older than XP or whether Netscape works.

If you choose to use emsCharts on your personal computer, you will need to set security on IE7 (IE8) to trust emsCharts. Here are the steps you need for Windows XP. The process is much easier, or automatic for Safari and Firefox.

     Start IE7 or IE8
     Click Tools
     Click Pop-up Blocker
     Click Turn Off Pop-up Blocker

     Click Tools
     Click Internet Options
     Click the Security tab
     Click Trusted Sites
     Click Sites
     Click Trusted Sites
     Type "" into the Add box
     Click Add

You should have a window that looks like this:

Image of Internet Explorer Security Window Display

Here are the ADDITIONAL steps you need for VISTA

     Start IE7 (IE8)
     Click Settings (not for IE8)
     Click Options
     Click More
     Un-check Enable Popup Blockers, if it is checked
     Click Apply
     Click OK

If you still have problems, call the software administrator . There is probably a popup blocker hidden in your anti-virus software someplace. I will be happy to work with you to find it and get you up and running.

If this seems too complicated, remember that the ambulance computers will work. PFAS prefers that you finish your charts before you leave the building at the end of the call.

Before you start emsCharts you will need a loginid and password. These may be obtained from the software administrator . Loginids are typically some combination of your first and middle name, initials, and last name, for example, Joseph Newmember becomes jnewmember if no one else already has the id "jnewmember".

Start your browser, go to the emsCharts website,, and login with your new loginid and password. Click OK and yes for the dialog boxes that come up before the website is fully loaded. When you enter a correct loginid and password for the first time, you will be presented with a window requiring you to change your password. Please select a password you will be able to remember.

Image of emsCharts display

After you have changed your password, you will be required to login again with the new password. You should be presented with a dialog box requesting more information. If this does not appear, click home then click Security Settings and this dialog box will appear. You must enter a 9 digit number in the field labeled "Social Security Number" and a valid email address. The number you enter must be one you can remember because you will be required to use it as a PIN (personal identification number) when you sign charts, but it does not need to be your actual SSN because it is not used for any other purpose than to validate your signature on your charts.

Image of emsCharts display

You have now completed set up for emsCharts. Once this is complete, you will be able to enter and modify charts with emsCharts and enter charts on the mobile software on the ambulance computers.

If you have problems with this process, or other problems with emsCharts, contact the software administrator.