Notes on recent changes to emsCharts.

If it's new and doesn't make sense, ignore it. Just make sure your narrative is complete. If it is labeled as ignore, you may ignore or fill in if you want.

The official emsCharts help file on the changes is accessible here.


Transport Code will almost always be initial trip - ignore
Scene, standby, mutual aid need more attention now, standby generates drop down, should be self-explanatory if you think to use the drop down list
Have asked to have "cross street" from the CAD importer into the address - ignore
Census tracts could be returned automatically if the GPS coordinates are known - ignore


IBW ideal body weight, seems to be calculated wrong according to references I found on internet
height do not enter height unless you want to
Patient employer and emails - ignore
Last Oral intake – the NEMSIS rules say this is last oral DRUG intake, do not enter last meal in this line.


Skip Patient Activity --- 130 entries in list, not searchable
First Agency on scene, this will be "yes" if you are the first 151 truck on scene MVC on PAGE 1 brings up new dialog "Motor Vehicle Incident", better than old one but ignore all parts about "Automated collision notification"
Transport Assessment (walk, sit, stand without assistance) - ignore unless you feel like entering
Stretcher Purpose - ignore


All female patients are still pregnant by default.
Have not finished looking to see what has changed in obstetrics, burns, and cardiac arrest.
Trachea now defaulting to "not appreciated" in earlier versions this meant no problems (like edema not appreciated). We will use this as the meaning


SpCO mean % CO (carbon monoxide) saturation of hemoglobin, only meaningful if we have instrument that measures carbon monoxide saturation, which we do not.
GCS qualifier - ignore
MAP = mean arterial pressure, can only estimate in field from systolic and diastolic pressure (DP, SP), here are formulas but you may ignore the MAP even though the emsCharts built-in calculation is done wrong.

high pulse rate MAP ~= (DP + SP) / 2
low pulse rate MAP ~= 2/3*DP + 1/3*SP