Shelley Pennington



Officers and members of PFAS and Pennington fire met with residents of Woolsey Court as a public outreach to talk about our fire and EMS services, what we do, how we are financed, how and when to get help. The discussions were well received. Front row, left to right: Gareth Sutherland, PFC and PFAS; Linsay Becker, PFAS; Shelley Pennington, PFAS; John Muccioli, Captain PFAS
Back row, left to right: Rob Ross, PFAS, Chris Womack, PFC; Myles Ackerson, PFAS and PFC; Nick Gaudioso, Chief PFC; Neal Blackwell, President PFC and Trustee PFAS Photo by Carole Allison, President PPCA Board, used with permission.


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