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Forms and Information for Joining the Pennington First Aid Squad

There are a few requirements to join the Pennington First Aid Squad. The PFAS applies a uniform set of rules to all applications for membership.

All applicants

You must:

Application forms are to be filled out on line.You will be required to upload images or scans of your certification cards (EMT, CPR, NREMT) and driver's license, if any. It might be a good idea to make these scans now before starting the form.

Applicants who are 18 years old, must agree to a criminal background check. The applicant will be sent an email with a link to the Trusted Employees website. On that website, they are to give consent to the background check and supply the information requested. Trusted Employees will give them their rights to access and to contest the background check. Applicants are to complete the background check submission within two weeks of submitting their application for membership to the PFAS.

Applicants under 18 years old must bring a parent or guardian to the interview and the parent or guardian will be asked to sign the application form and to have it notarized. Forms may be notarized for free at some banks and libraries. The Squad will reimburse the notarization expense if the applicant does not have access to a free notary.

Applicants who have EMT certification

Applicants who have EMT certification may ride immediately if accepted for membership.

Applicants who do not have EMT certification

Applicants who do not have EMT certification will join as observers and may ride the ambulance as observers after taking professional rescuer CPR and an in-house orientation course. If the observer has made 15 calls within the six months after joining, PFAS will pay for them to take the EMT course. Applicants who do not have EMT certification will also be given the option of making a deposit of $1200 to guarantee that they intend to ride. The PFAS will then pay for their course. Each quarter after the completion of the EMT course, the member will be reimbursed 1/4 of the cost of the EMT course, provided that member has made at least 15 calls occurring during that quarter. If the member has not been completely reimbursed after 8 quarters, any money remaining of the deposit will be forfeited