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COVID Vaccination

As of September 7, 2021, it will be a requirement that members be fully vaccinated against COVID to ride on PFAS ambulances. There is no point to applying for membership if you are not vaccinated or do not intend to be vaccinated. If you have questions, use the contact methods at the bottom of the page.

PFAS Observer Program - Try before you buy

To become an EMT takes time for the volunteer and costs the Squad money, but the PFAS observer program lets you try riding our ambulances before you commit to training as an EMT. Here is a summary of the program

*There is an option to put down a deposit which we repay after you start riding. If you wish to pick the deposit option, mention this on your application. If accepted, you will be required to:
  1. Be accepted by the membership committee.
  2. Make your deposit.
  3. Choose an EMT course.
  4. Submit the course to the Captain for approval.
The PFAS will then pay for your course. The deposit will be paid back quarterly after you get your EMT and start riding.

Why should you join?

Email us- Clickable image of envelope- or call 610-909-4717 if you have questions

Fill out forms and join now