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Benefits that may make volunteering easier.

Continuing education is free to active riding members of PFAS. There have been recent, dramatic reductions in aid to volunteers by the State of NJ, but the PFAS is making up the difference so continuing education remains free to its members.

LOSAP : Length of Service Awards Program provides annual monetary "awards" for volunteer EMTs and firefighters. Points are given on the basis of the amount of service. At the end of each year, the points are converted into a dollar amount and placed in your individual investment fund.

The squad pays for babysitting for members while they are on duty

The squad purchases uniforms for members

The squad purchases pagers and two-way radios for members

The squad teaches a Core Refresher course each spring and offers enough CEUs locally that members should not have to travel to maintain certification.

Members receive a subscription to The Gold Cross, the official magazine of the NJ State First Aid Council, the parent organization of volunteer squads in NJ. Each issue of this quarterly magazine contains an article worth 1.5 CEUs.

All working crews are entitled to one meal a month on the squad when eaten together while on duty. Take-in or eat out, but the crew must respond if there is a call.

Email us- Clickable image of envelope- or call 737-0479 to join.