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EMT-B Training, Continuing Education, Skills Renewal

The Pennington First Aid Squad and the PFAS Training Center offer Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) at levels ranging from the continuing education unit (CEU) to a full course to become a Nationally Certified EMT.

Details of the annual Emergency Medical Technician-Basic class are available here

Details of the 24 hour Core refresher class are available here

Members may obtain CEU for recertification on line at the 24-7EMSNOW or Target Solutions web sites. Both sites offer essentially unlimited CEU on line for a fee of about $60. Please contact the Captain if you have any questions. CEU are also available from the Gold Cross. If you are a member, and if you request a subscription, the PFAS will pay for it. You must obtain pre-approval from a Captain to be reimbursed for CEU courses.

Starting 1/1/2019, the State of NJ has one site to manage EMT certification and recertification, NJ OEMS This site's functionality is limited, but it must be used to set up a new EMT ID and to handle first-time EMT tests. You must create an acount on the site to use it. It has been reported that the State is very hard-nosed about allowing credit for CEU. It is advisable to check the State website for approved courses to make sure all your CEU courses have been approved before you apply for recertification. For some reason, this site cannot be reached from the NJ OEMS website.

In general, CEU courses at the Pennington First Aid Squad require no pre-registration. This will depend on the instructor whose course notification should be consulted.

Upcoming drills for members and visitors from local squads. Monthly meeting drills start at 18:30.

Past drills

Required Courses

CPR must be renewed every two years. You might want to read the American Heart Association's 2010 overview on CPR, pediatric BLS, and adult BLS CPR guidelines before any CPR course.

The following CPR courses are planned. You must pre-register, call Daniel Boone (609) 510-4324.

The PFAS requires each riding member to renew each required skill annually in a program called "Pennington Annual Skills Session" (PASS). Acquiring and maintaining skills and EMT certification in NJ is governed by a complex set of regulations. PASS is used by PFAS to review and improve EMT skills on a more frequent basis than required by the NJ First Aid council or Federal Department of Transportation guidelines. Streamlined NJ skill sheets to be used for reviewing these skills prior to taking PASS are available here. Scheduled PASS dates are listed above, under drills.

Members are required to take Blood-borne pathogens and HAZMAT once a year unless they are newly certified or recertified. These courses will be offered in house and may also be done on-line at 24-7EMSNOW. The dates for the PFAS in house sessions are:

A requirement that each NJ EMT have a course regarding appropriate recognition and response techniques when encountering any individual who has autism or any other developmental disability has been added by the State. This course once. Login to the NJ Learn and do a search for "developmental disabilities." Register for the course and it will appear in your My Courses tab. After you take the course, print your certificate and save it. When you apply for EMT renewal, count the CEUs toward your total. If OEMS challenges you, you will need to send them the certifcate. While you are at it, you might want to look at this brochure from the United Spinal Association for tips on speaking to persons with disabilities.

For more information contact the Captain